Results in Representative Bankruptcy Matters

Many clients who consult the firm about troubled loans do not end up in a bankruptcy proceeding or other public resolution of their financial difficulties. Accordingly, it is difficult to provide a truly representative sampling of the firm’s clients. However, the following are examples of the clients that the firm has recently represented in public proceedings.

RV World Productions, Inc. (2000-2002)
The firm assisted the debtor, a multi-million dollar recreational vehicle retailer, in confirming and implementing a plan of liquidation that involved the controlled liquidation of its inventory and real property.

The Tesseract Group, Inc. (2001-2005)
Cary Forrester served as Chapter 11 Trustee for this publicly traded company and later served as liquidating trustee. In conjunction with the official committee of unsecured creditors he assisted in formulating, confirming and implementing a plan of liquidation. In his capacity as liquidating trustee, he oversaw the prosecution of a lawsuit against certain former officers and directors that resulted in a favorable settlement which significantly enhanced the return to unsecured creditors.

David Birdsell, as receiver for Bonanza Land Co., et al. (2004-present)
The firm assisted the court-appointed receiver in reviewing, analyzing, prosecuting and settling claims against certain insiders, which resulted in a multi-million dollar recovery for the receivership estates, and has continued to assist the receiver in managing the liquidating the estates’ assets.

Bjurob, LLC and NCD, Inc. (2005-2007)
The firm assisted the Chapter 11 Trustee, Mark Roberts of Alvarez and Marsal, in formulating and confirming a plan of reorganization for a Phoenix car wash chain.

William C. Lewis, as trustee (2008-2015)
The firm assisted the second largest investor in Mortgages Ltd., a failed billion-dollar mortgage lender, in protecting his interests in the bankruptcy case, including successfully defending his ownership of millions of dollars in fractional loan interests.

NutraCea, a California corporation (2009-2011)
The firm assisted the debtor, a multi-million dollar publicly traded company, in formulating, confirming and implementing a plan of reorganization. The consensual plan, proposed in conjunction with the official committee of unsecured creditors, provided for the payment in full of all claims and the retention of all equity ownership interests.

Star Buffet, Inc. (2011-2013)
The firm assisted the debtor, a multi-state, publicly traded restaurant holding company, in formulating and confirming a full-payment plan of reorganization.

Armorworks Enterprises, LLC (2013-2014)
The firm represented the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors in this reorganization case, which concluded with the confirmation of a full-payment plan of reorganization.

Legal Services


Assertion and protection of rights in bankruptcy liquidation and reorganization cases on behalf of lenders, borrowers, trustees, committees, purchasers of assets, lessors, secured creditors, shareholders, management, and other interested parties.

Debtor and Creditor Workouts

Prosecution and defense of collection actions and recovery of actions on guarantees, liquidations, receiverships, and related workouts and lawsuits.


Representation of court-approved receivers.


Facilitation of the resolution of disputes through practical and cost-effective mediation.

Business Reorganization

Assisting owners and management of financially troubled businesses in restructuring and reorganizing affairs in and out of court. Representation in state and federal courts in disputes arising from business relationships, business transactions, and business deals gone wrong.

Commercial Litigation

Prosecution and defense of claims arising out of business and business ownership disputes.

Probate Litigation, Guardianships, Conservatorships

Prosecution and defense of actions related to guardianship, conservatorship and probate. Help bring petitions for the appointment of guardians and conservators. Represent parties involved in litigation arising in probate cases.
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